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Where the word 'Barbecue' comes from (and the rest of Sunday)

So, we were wondering, at maida_mac's barbecue on Sunday, where the word barbecue came from. One person opined that it was likely from a ranch, the Bar-BQ. Someone else said, "No, it's french" but offered no further explanation. Well, we have to wonder no longer, I looked it up and found the following:
Barbecue \Bar"be*cue\ (b[aum]"b[-e]*k[=u]), n. [In the language of the (Arawak or Taino) Indians of Guiana, barbacoa a frame on which all kinds of flesh and fish are roasted or smoke-dried.]
Not something that I would've guessed but I guess that's what dictionaries are for.

cindygerb and I then debated whether our roiling tummies and expressive colons (not from anything we ate at the barbecue) would be able to deal with going to see the film that our friend was in. Our unfortunate verdict was that we couldn't. Hopefully, like our SIFF debut, her film will be available on videotape and we can watch it later when we won't interrupt it frequently to go to questionable relief facilities. As always, there is a bright point to any problem. With all the time spent in the reading room, I've now finished Ethan of Athos and Labyrinth. I have to say that I liked Labyrinth the best of the stories in that omnibus edition (it included Cetaganda as well).
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