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The Shower Meme (from anoisblue via maida_mac)

maida_mac participated in the Shower Meme and I asked if I could be interviewed.
If you're uninterested in clicking on the link, the general summary is this:
If you want me to interview you--post a comment that simply says, "Interview me." I'll respond with questions for you to take back to your own journal and answer as a post. Of course, they'll be different for each person since this is an interview and not a general survey. At the bottom of your post, after answering the Interviewer's questions, you ask if anyone wants to be interviewed. So it becomes your turn-- in the comments, you ask them any questions you have for them to take back to their journals and answer. And so it becomes the circle.
maida_mac's questions to me:
1. When and where did you discover anime? Miyazaki-san?

Actually, I think my first exposure to anime was through Ranma 1/2. Then to Appleseed and finally from there I saw Miyazaki-san.

2. Tell me a story about your hat and the animals that decorate it.

Well, I was at the CD Release party for Gaia Circles (page down to the next CD) and I was told "Jim will give you his hat if you just show up." Well, the hat is question was the one you're familiar with and so I said goodbye to everyone and left immediately for Jim's house. He gave me the hat since I was the only person that he knew that had a big enough head for it to fit.

cindygerb had recently seen a website for a vendor that's also seen at many major cons. They had "Celtic knotwork" versions of a variety of animals including both ferrets and ravens. Why for the ferret should be pretty obvious. The why for the raven is that Eris told me too. She said that Raven have a few things to teach me and that I should listen. When my patron goddess asked me to do something, I do it.

I know that this is not quite what the question asked, but hey, I am my government.

3. Where did the nickname Torin come from? Why is it just as commonly used as your "real" name?

A long, long time ago in a city far, far away, I was on some BBS's (with a handy brand new 300 baud modem) and one of the websites demanded that I choose a login that wasn't my real name. There was a 'logged in lately' feature on the BBS and someone had been looking up the names in the phone book and calling them at 3 in the morning. Well, the sysop wanted to continue to have the 'logged in lately' feature but wanted to defeat the tactics of this idiot. So, he was having everyone choose a new login.

Well, I had just picked up this new comic called Starslayer and it had a really cool protagonist named Torin MacQuillon. In my teenage delusional mind, I identified some with this character and took the name on the BBS. I soon was using it on other BBS's as well. When I would meet with people that I had met online, they would call me Torin and I grew accustomed to that. It was a handy thing since Torin was rather popular while Darren was someone that even Darren didn't like. (this improved over time) Since this was early 1982, this means that I've had the name Torin for over 21 years. After 21 years of being called a certain name, it tends to fit. I'm actually rather amused because even with your penchant for using people's legal names, you've called me Torin twice...

4. How did you end up in the job you have now?

Well, I used to work at ActiveState as a professional services phone support person for all the dot-com startups that needed Perl experts to get their websites running. Well, when the dot-com crash happened, I suddenly didn't have any customers anymore. Without customers, I wasn't bringing in any money and so I was RiFed. I was looking around for a new job, going on interviews, finding all sorts of idiotic and unscrupulous recruiters. A friend of mine named Satish told me that his company was hiring and that I should apply for a position. It wasn't quite what I wanted, being rather Java heavy, but I knew that I was prostituting myself anyway, so it didn't matter that much what I programmed in as long as it wasn't too horrendous. And here I am, almost two years later, now doing Perl, Java, and PL/SQL...

5. Why did you move to Seattle?

Well, I knew for a long time that I wanted to move out to the West Coast. I really didn't like the DC area. Enough such that I refused to say that I came from there. I would admit that I currently lived there but I refused it as a place I was from. Because I like Cities, the only places on the West Coast that satisfied were Seattle and San Francisco. Los Angelas wasn't a choice. It was just like DC if you substituted money/fame for power and it was ludicrously hot. Portland was much too small. I contemplated San Francisco but it had a fatal flaw; it was in California. For a variety of ideas, I didn't want to live in California, the simplest of which is that ferrets are illegal there. It was thankful that cindygerb wanted to live in Seattle as well.

Cindy and I were working on getting things ready to move out to Seattle. I'd gone out and set up a mailbox and scouted out the place and originally, I was going to finish my degree before we moved out here. Well, unfortunately, we needed to leave early. I had ceased seeing the divine in people and I was greatly worried that if we stayed through the winter, that I would cease liking myself. If that happened, I didn't think that the I that was myself would survive. So, we moved out here in the first week of September, staying with friends across the US as our minivan towed Cindy's Tercel full of stuff. It was a fun week with the gerbils in a cage in the minivan and the cats shipped out before us. We slept and stayed a day at each friends place, offering wine from Berrywine Vineyards as we went. They have a dry blueberry wine that strongly reminds me of a good Reisling.

We made it here, I worked further on getting a job, and Cindy went back to Virginia to finish packing. I am willing to say that I'm from Seattle.
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