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Random Mid-12:45 Ramble

I'm interview questioned out for now. I'll come up with more interview questions in the afternoon. At least for now, I've only got two people in the queue. I'll answer the questions I was asked after lunch.

At some point, somone mentioned wanting to know about home-schooling and such. The friend that I contacted has now gotten back to me but it's been a while, so I don't know how made the original request. If you're interested, contact me by e-mail and I'll hook you up with someone doing home-schooling right now.

Finally, I had to put in a reference to the following quote on love. It moved me rather deeply. It took me from being a little morose to feeling much better.
Love makes you a better and bigger person. It is not really love if either of you become less.
I think I need to think about this one a bit. Thank you, otterdancing.
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