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More Showery goodness...

Continuing the Shower Meme, herein I answer rainstorm13's questions:

1. What brings you joy?

Many things. One of the most important is spending time with cindygerb. She and I had some quality alone time last night. It felt g-o-o-d. It's amazing the satisfaction that I was able to get just from sitting across the table from her, reading my book.

2. Why do you think you're here?

To learn. I'm learning things all the time. I figure that when I stop learning, push me over; I'm dead. Then again, I've also been told that I'm here to mess with people's reality grids. Do it enough times and some people will come out of their existence, lift up their head, and realize that they can have a life by acting on it.

3. What's the one thing you most want to change about yourself?

This could have simple or complex answers. The simple one would probably be to remove the need for me to sleep while retaining the ability to do so. I'm going to think about the complex one a bit and might post it later.

4. What famous person would you want to meet? What would you say to them?

John Lennon.
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