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Rambles from today...

Sonny, the owner of China Gate restaurant where we have our regular Dim Sum was in the paper today. He was saying that 10–15% of its business is down due to the SARS rumors. He (and others) say that there is nothing to worry about and there really isn't. But if you think there is a worry about SARS in the Seattle ID, you can feel free to stay home...

In other Dim Sum news, I came across this good link to Pu-Erh tea; the earthy tea that we get along with Jasmine when we go to Dim sum.

In the reading area, I've been reading a collection of short stories by John Varley. I don't know of anyone else that can convey the sense of rapture in different formats as well he does.
  • I've already written about Persistence of Vision, the title story. I still don't have words for what type of rapture he describes there but he does a very good job since I felt some of it myself
  • Retrograde Summer seems to be about the rapture of losing yourself in play. The picture on the front of the books shows a scene from it.
  • While it wasn't really rapture, In the Hall of the Martian Kings was just so bloody cool that I need to mention it.
  • I think the closest he gets to religious rapture happens in In the Bowl but don't expect something typical from him.
  • Gotta sing, Gotta dance describes three people making love together and the beautiful music they make (literally).
All in all, I'm very pleased with this collection...

On to the interviews. I find that answering the interviews is easy. I know myself quite well. It's coming up with the questions that's harder. But it's certainly rather rewarding...
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