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kimberly_a and shannon_a are here!

So, kimberly_a and shannon_a are here and (obviously) made it safely. cindygerb and I made it there, through the heat, through a speeding ticket, and through a five car accident under the convention center. Kimberly is a bit perturbed at having her checked luggage gone through but there's not much that can be done about that.

The heat was really bad though. We actually set a new record. According to Weather Underground, it was 91.4°. The normal temp for yesterday is supposed to be 68°. The previous record was 87°, set in 1948. (All this according to Weather Underground again. This meant that after we chatted and gamed last night, instead of doing e-mail and lj, I collapsed. I woke up recently though and now can't seem to get to sleep again.

One fascinating bit as we were leaving the airport, I couldn't get the Vulva to start. I muttered about losing guy points since I know very little about cars. No one else did either. It was weird because it acted like it wasn't in Park. I turned the key and -nothing- happened. No turn over, no clickclickclick, nothing. All the power worked and such, so it wasn't a drained battery or such. Since the last time this happened it was an obvious disconnected hose, I took a flashlight and look in the engine and realize that I don't know anything. I found out that it's four cylinders; I'm amused that I didn't know that until then. I didn't see anything; I didn't expect to. Well, then I got into the car and tried once more for grits and shiggles and it started. I was very confused. Considering that the house had lost power when we got home, we think it was a carefully targeted EMP blast, just for us. Getting the computers back up was interesting since I hadn't realized that had never been properly configured for it's new ip address. I'd done it by hand. So, I had difficulty figuring out why nothing worked. Once I set the ip correctly, everything worked fine.

We then went out for dinner. The Vulva started just fine again. They suggested fast food somewhere. When Cindy mentioned "Garlic Fries", it was decided to go to Kidd Valley. I wouldn't've even mentioned this except that they don't have Peanut Butter shakes anymore. Waaah. *sniff* Since I'm unlikely to find peanut butter garlic shakes, this was really good. I could even get it as a malted. No more. *sniff*

Finally, last evening, we played a game named Loaded Questions where a question is asked, everybody writes down their response, the questioner hears their responses, and tries to guess who answered what. For the final question, there was a really amusing one in the 'Hypothetical' category: "If you could bathe in a vat of any food or drink of your choice, what would it be?" Everybody answered "water", and I found this very boring. I mean with all the various options out there, all three of them chose water? But then as I was laying there wondering if I could get back to sleep after getting up earlier, I realized that bathing in most things wouldn't be overly pleasant and maybe they were right. Since it's 6 in the morning and I can't come up with anything else, I thought I'd ask a poll. (Closed to friends since it could easily be abused and you can't delete poll responses.)

Poll #143244 Loaded Questions

If you could bathe in a vat of any food or drink, what would it be?

What if it was wrestling with a member of the sexually-desired gender?

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