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Misc. Update

Things are going quite well with the visit of shannon_a and kimberly_a. They've been relaxing and getting some of Seattle. The four of us have had very good talks and we watched Animatrix tonight. I generally liked it except I thought the animation style on World Record sucked and in the Second Renaissance, why the robots would ever be humaniform is never explained. How dumb.

In general referrals mode, I want to mention the following:
  1. In m0usegrrl's post, d2leddy once again shows off how delightfully smart he is.
    Remember that the American legal system is not designed to find truth, it is designed to resolve conflicts. Given that, whoever presents the most convincing argument about what constitutes "in connection with" wins.
    While that should seem obvious, it was never pointed out to me before. Several things make much more sense now.
  2. Thanks to anexstacy for pointing out (quasi-work safe) over in grrwoo's journal. You can see him in the hat that inspired that. (work safe, many pictures)
  3. Randy manifests delight once again in som_pos while still being very brash. I bukkake for justice!. A degree in Calculus *is* good for something. :)
  4. Finally we have something from The Surrealist dot co dot uk; the people that brought you the Food-Eating Battle Monkeys. It's the Sound Effect Generator:

    poffle hisssss poffle hisssss! clap-clap dakka burble *ker-plunk-aaaargh* ka-BOOM-ka-BOOM! oh-ah-pak

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