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Taking care of myself

I think this illness (and my previous one - two in one year) is reallly bringing home to me that I'm not taking care of my body well enough.

I think that I choose one or two of:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not exercising
  • eating crap food

Since I've been doing all three for a few months, my body is starting to pay me back. I didn't start doing the last until recently when I took some cinnamon rolls to work and had a full one myself; this was about 700 calories and loaded with sucrose. Since then, I've been having too many pastries - my main exception to disliking sugar.

I also need to start exercising more. I get some exercise when I take Sally for her walks and just as a general part of life, but I need to do more. 'Course, I thought a bit back that I need to exercise more and I haven't. What can I do differently so that I actually do? Hmm.

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