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Why do "nice" things?

I was discussing the fifth question from ariedana's interview questions with cindygerb on the way into work.

By way of reference, here is the answer to "Why are you so nice?"
To me, a pantheist, I am spread throughout the Universe with all but an epsilon of my consciousness focused in the same general area as what I think of as my body. My experience says the same is true of all sapients. So, when I am being nice to people and things, I am merely taking care of myself. I do things to improve my environs for the same reason that most people will make sure that a cut on their finger doesn't get infected. To harm others, to damage my surroundings, is to damage myself. Seems rather foolish to me...

A few other things came up while we were talking. (All IMO.)
  • To extend the body metaphor further, there are times when your foot might become gangrenous and it's better to cut off the foot rather than destroy the entire body. But it is much, much better to not let the foot get gangrenous in the first place.
  • There is no deserving of the gifts we are each given. There is no balance sheet. This is similar to how Cindy and I do things for each other and buy things for each other. We don't check an internal tally to see if the other has done something for us recently. If we can do something for the other, we generally do unless there is a better reason not to.
  • At least in my viewpoint, there is no way that I can ever repay the gifts that I have received no matter how hard I tried. So the previous point is rather useful.
  • It's again good that I don't have to deserve the gifts that I've been given since sometimes I feel like I don't deserve them. Since deserving is irrelevant, this is nipped neatly in the bud.
There were others I think but I can't remember them right now.

Well, I'm off to have my teeth cleaned for the first time in 4 or 5 years. Wish me luck...
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