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Interview from auryn29a

Continuing the Shower Meme, herein I answer auryn29a's questions:

1. Have you ever dressed in women's clothing for a reason other than Halloween?

Certainly. It's more of a question of finding clothes that fit me than any stigma attached. After all, women have the *best* clothes. It's not always easy to find men's clothes in silk and velvet but for women, it's easy. The hard part is finding them for someone 6'5" with a 36" inseam. I'll have you note that 14EEEE 4" heels were $450 last time I priced them.

2. Which "Something Positive" strip is your favorite?

It would definitely have to be this one, titled 'A Challenge'. I even mentioned it in my journal, here.

3. Are you a good person?

If I'm allowed to equate "good" and "nice", then I would submit the following two entries for your consideration on that:
Answer's to ariedana's questions, Question #5
Why do "nice" things?

4. Massaging someone can be a kind of power trip. Do you ever feel like you can change a person's mind and heart through touch?

Definitely. It might not be as easy to do as with conversation but it's likely to be long lasting. I would also say that there is less control over what direction the change occurs when it does do so. But when doing massage and someone starts sobbing as you massage a specific spot, I'd definitely suspect a good degree of change occurring.

5. If you could meet anyone in history and receive advice from them over a problem you have, who would it be and what would you ask?

This one wasn't easy and I still don't have a good answer for it. This would be a bit easier if I could pull from fictional literature but I can't. It seems to me that no one from history is likely to be able to help me solve my most pressing problem since they would lack the social cues necessary. So, I would likely want to talk to Nietzche as to the method of making profound yet subtle social change as I work towards my lifetime goal.
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