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It seems that if I then post, then gee, I seem to run out of time to post. But it *so* much easier to passively read posts then to actively try to write something. It was rather difficult to not just click the button on Gkrellm that brings up the latest lj posts in Galeon...

It seems that I've not done much other than work and be social with Shannon and Kimberly while they were here. We did have much, much fun though as you might've seen from the minimal posting that I did.
We did make it to Krispy Kreme and watched the donuts being made. We played a game of Nanofictionary while there but there were too many high school kids all over the place and we left soon afterwards. Other games that we played included Loaded Questions, Q-Turn, and Apples to Apples. We wanted to play Murder in the Abbey (I think that's the title) and Cricket, Cricket, I'm on Fire. Possibly next time. The four of us had a few talks and chats while I had a good solo talk with shannon_a on Saturday and a good solo talk with kimberly_a on Sunday. If the two of them need references for staying elsewhere, they can have them. They just need to eat more. :)

I finished reading The Smoke Ring after reading Integral Trees. It was fun, and the setting was cool. But these days, I need more than a cool setting. I need complex characters as well. cindygerb is currently reading Kushiel 's Dart and I am envious. But next up is Memory and that should satisfy that need quite well, even if Miles is being a real butthead.

Off to have breakfast with the Executives of the company for my anniversary of working with the company. I have no idea what to expect quite yet although I made sure there was food available that was non-beef, non-pork.
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