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Everyone is on LiveJournal...

It seems that everyone is on LiveJournal. In looking for people that might have interesting Filk items by looking at interest = Filk. I found one person, angilong that I thought was interesting aside from the filk parts. She looked somewhat familiar but I know that I get confused sometimes.
Well, then I went to the 'Spot to work as a monitor last night. I got many sympathetic hugs and such. That was nice.
The interesting bit was that I met a good friend there who introduced me to some people, one of which had a button, "Yes, I am that Angi Long". This was really, really amusing since I had added her as a friend earlier in the day, not realizing that I'd see her at the spot later that night. *mindblow* The reason that she looked familiar was because I had met her once before at the 'Spot but hadn't connected the two together.
Well, that was amusing and I was DM for the scene that she wrote about.
Then I decided to look through some of her entries since I was highly amusing an the confluence. Well, I see a post by someone named happypete and I thought, "Hmm. Could this be Happy Pete that we know from CAW?" I look through and yep, it's the same person. More people that I find on there. *boggle*
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