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Today, last night, this morning

I wasn't feeling the best when cindygerb and I went to Third Place books last night, so I didn't have very much to eat. Cindy got her usual Beef. The chatting was good and fun and we went home. Unfortunately, Cindy started not feeling so well and I continued to not feel well. But Cindy does many things better than I do and this was one of them. She got much sicker than I did and we dealt with this over the next 24 hours.
Now, I'm feeling better as is cindygerb but she's still not top form. We both stayed home from work today and crashed out. Very few computer things were done nor did we see anyone. It was a good thing that when we volunteered to work the Library shift at the WetSpot today that it was already filled.
This rambling entry brought to you by the realization that I've had very little to eat over the last 24 hours. It's time for food. Coherence will hopefully come soon after.
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