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Post-Food Rambles

Well after a bit of food (including some grilled cheese on round sourdough, thank you shannon_a), I'm doing much better. It's actually after midnight but this is about stuff from Monday and Tuesday, so I've dated it the previous day...

To slipjig, the book I was referring to was Making Out in Japanese with a sequel, More Making Out in Japanese. They're subtitled "Lover's Language and Fighting Words"
For example:
"I don't want to be used" ⇒ "Asobaretakunai", or
"Make me warm" ⇒ "Atatamete", or even
"I guess our protection wasn't good enough ⇒ "Hinin-ga juubun-ja nakattan-dane"
Yes, I used to study Japanese but I've forgotten most of it by now. I can still recognize many of the katakana and hiragana but my knowledge of kanji is pretty much gone as is most of my grammar and vocabulary.

Last night I had Garlic Butter Ritz for the first time and I quite enjoyed them.

I was amused last night at You Must Choose that one of the choices is a) Give in because everyone is against you or b) Fight, even though you are the only one who thinks you should. 82% chose b...

Finally, I downloaded and compiled a new version of my LJ client, Logjam and it has an offline syncing capability for my journal with each month in a different file. It's amusing that the smallest file for 2003 is bigger than the largest file for 2002. (not counting December which hasn't happened yet)
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