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Taking the Sex And Gender Explorer

I took the S.A.G.E. test as pointed to by forestdweller. It was an amusing little test with various javascript tricks in it. I found at least one of the questions was repeated and some of them were just reworded. Some of the questions were a bit amusing since I don't think that anyone that talked about "Women's work" or "Work for REAL men" is going to be taking a quiz on gender dysphoria. One really cool thing about it was that I learned a new word, anallophilic. None of the normal dictionaries had it, so I googled for it and found a cool essay titled, "Autogynephilia". Made for some interesting reading as well as giving me the definition. The quiz later went on to define anallophilic but I didn't know that at the time.

S.A.G.E. Test Results

Your Raw Score is: 480, which indicates that overall you are Androgynous

Your appearance is Masculine

Your brain processes are mostly that of a Androgynous person.

You appear to socialize in a feminine manner.

You believe you have mild conflicts about your gender identity.

You indicated your were born Male.

Male to Female possible Transsexual
* Your Answers indicate your psychological state has likely prevailed since you were quite young.

No real surprises here. But it's still cool to learn new words.
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