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There's a quote in the new Miles Vorkosigan book that I'm reading, Komarr that again hits home:
No … if suspicion was the deadliest possible insult, then trust was always right, even if it was mistaken
Both cindygerb and I have extended our hospitality to people that we've only just met or only met online quite a few times. It's a reason that we have a larger house a bit further out from the City. People ask us how we can just open our house to people like that. Well, out of all the times we've done so, we've only had things taken from us once, by someone we knew already, and we've only been deceived as to the person once. Considering the people that we've helped and that we've helped back, I think the risk has been more than worth it. We've done this other ways and gotten burned more in extending trust but trust, if a considered choice, is for us, always the right choice.

For a somewhat metaphysical tack on it, we're building the world that we want by example. We want to trust people, we want people to trust us. So, we trust others and that trust is generally extended back. I much prefer that to a world of suspicion and doubt.

Gods, I read back over this to proof it and if taken wrong, I don't know if I sound more sanctimonious, naïve, or pretentious. Well, I guess I'll just have to trust that people won't take it wrong or if they do, they'll unsubscribe from my journal. No one is forcing them to read it after all.
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