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Mid-Night ramble

To me, midnight is the beginning of night, evening comes before it, and morning after. So, mid-night should really be about 3a.

Just a collection of things that have been floating up and around.
  • catling has made it here safely and is ensconced downstairs
  • azurelunatic pointed out a rather important quote that has run through many of the Miles books:
    The one thing that you can't trade for your heart's desire is your heart.
    — Cordelia Vorkosigan
  • kirakira wrote a very beautiful piece in her journal yesterday, Declaration Invocation. I found it highly engaging and needed to share it with more of the world.
  • someone (but I've lost who) pointed to a wonderful cartoon on allergies, Queen of Wands. It really feels like that sometimes.
  • I'm very amused at the various different Holiday Logos that Google has come up with over the years.
I don't really want to just have a post that just has links that other people have posted but I'm too sleepy to do anything else. G'night.
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