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Catching from over the weekend

So, the weekend was a bit busy and hectic.

Saturday consisted of a number of errands and then maida_mac and niac's party. Gabe gave Cindy and I a cast iron skillet he wasn't using anymore. The party consisted of many people from a variety of places but cindygerb and I knew some of them from other connections. It was amusing trying to figure them out. We met a few new people there including darkluna, jonathanshade, _pollox, cow, and scott_t_s. We also saw aekajin2, amai_unmei, Rob, happilymyself and Jenn. We chatted and talked for quite a while but eventually Jenn wanted to learn to play Cricket, Cricket, I'm on Fire. So, we introduced that, playing two rounds. Much hilarity ensued but then it was time to go home. I have pictures of many of these people that I have to have time to pull off, ask permission of, and then post. I'm hoping to take pictures of some of the play sheets as well...
Do I really want to list all the people there at parties? Probably not.

That night, I finished Komarr and picked up Civil Campaign. Civil Campaign felt heavier which was odd since both it and Komarr were about the same thickness. Ah. CC must have thinner pages since it has page count of 530 while Komarr only has 360 pages. I did like the end of Komarr, "The next number up", he breathed, "is 'one'". I haven't had much time to read Civil Campaign due to some of the problems that happened on Sunday.

On Sunday, something was going wonky with my brain. The external effects looked like ADD but it wasn't. Normally, if I'm having an ADD episode, the most pronounced effects in my brain are that ideas are going by too fast for me to latch on to any one idea. At the same time, I have static like a bad AM radio station or the feel like reaching through many cobwebs like in old horror movies. I had none of that. It felt like my brain was once removed from my actions. I had to talk more slowly since the feedback came more slowly and I was getting distracted easily since I wasn't immersed in the action. Thankfully, this got much better after I went to pick up cindygerb. I had to drive very carefully to get there but once there, she took over the driving. Being around Cindy really started getting me integrated and unremoved again. It pretty much completely went away after I had some orange juice and large amounts of starch (linguini noodles). It was very odd though. I don't know what caused it but I'd like to avoid it in the future. It wasn't a happyfun experience.

That night, cindygerb and I were going to rest but some friends of ours were having an emotional crisis, so we met up with them and took them home. There, we chatted, fed them food (well, cindygerb fed them food), and yes, had them play Cricket, Cricket, I'm on Fire. But, hey, they asked to play it. I think this was the first time that catling was exposed to the game although she didn't play. She made her nails all pretty and red shimmery instead. There was going to be another round where she played until we realized how late it was. The other people left to go to bed and we stayed here and did that. Rest is good.

On Monday, the only thing of real note was that I got my arms, hands, shoulders, and neck massaged by a friend of cindygerb and mine named Liz Anderson. Finally, my forearms are neither pulsing nor hurting. This is a good thing. Oh, and the ferret room got cleaned after being put off for much to long. Bad ferret daddy.

I still want to write of my experiences with Firebird and Galeon 1.3 but it's late and I need to go to bed...
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