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Mid 15.33 ramble...

Another thing about the LJ Crush meme is that it has no slot for cuddled. Cuddling is very, very important. Hmph.

azurelunatic wrote one of the sweetest things I've seen in a while:
He is the exit condition in my infinite loop.
Great niftiness abounds, a lipsum generator was mentioned in silenceleigh's journal. I wish I had something like this back when I was supporting TeX and MetaFont.

I received a new error in LJ that I'd never seen before: "Could not generate a talkid necessary to post this comment." I'm glad that LJ is constantly being improved. But it is just a bit frustrating at times...

Yes, it's a quiz result. But it's from The Last Unicorn, so that's okay.
lirPrince Lir

You are most like Prince Lir. Noble, gentle, kind, and naïve to a fault. You see the world through rose-coloured glasses, and you are quite the romantic. You try to see the good in everyone around you. Your kindness and sincerity makes you well liked, but your trust in the good of everyone could lead to people taking advantage of you. If you are hurt, it probably takes you awhile to recover. Though you are generally care-free and lighthearted, you can also be very serious. People truly respect and love you.

Which Last Unicorn Character are you?
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Finally, some quotes from A Civil Campaign:
Enrique said, "Impressive, actually. She seemed to understand what I wanted to say even before I spoke."
And after you spoke, too," said Kareen mischiveously. "That's even more impressive."

You must learn to give, from sufficiency, not only take, from neediness.

I think that last one is pretty important and I'm going to have to think about it quite a bit. I like that it says "not only take" It's okay to take sometimes. But it's much better to be able to give from sufficiency. I feel that having the look of neediness is not attractive and can repel others. Being able to give from sufficiency feels good and seems like it's self-propagating as others are motivated to give as well.
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