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Weekends: Friday

Well, on Friday, I went and got my hair cut. This was at an attempt to get it to not tangle so much; an attempt to not have my hair auto-dread all along its length. I told the lady cutting my hair to cut as little as possible. But what looked like a smaller amount when she said she was cutting off 'this much'. Well, this much ended up being about four or five inches. I went from someone where you might exclaim "Wow! You've got long hair' to someone who just has long hair. Oh well, it will grow back. Hopefully, I can keep it healthier this time.

On another note, cindygerb and I went and chatting with some friends on Friday about philosophical and ethical topics. Both interesting and amusing. As cindygerb described it, it was real conversation. Well, one thing that came out of it was that no part of my life is secular anymore. It's taken me a long time but just about everything I do is framed in my own particular spiritual context. I'm not ready to fully define that right now but it's a potent and powerful realization.
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