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Weekends: Saturday

On Saturday, after dropping cindygerb off at work, I went into work and did some work. Then, while waiting for Costco to open, I wrote up a number of interview questions that I'd been slacking on. I still have more to do as well as interviews to answer; but more got done. On my way home, I was looking for AAA certified bodyshop/collision-repair places. Unfortunately, the places that had been recommended to me were very expensive and a few other places weren't AAA certified. I'll probably call some of the places on the AAA website tomorrow since we really need to get the front of the car fixed.

That evening, cindygerb and I were leaving for our shifts at the 'Spot and stopped into Taco Del Mar to get burritos. We got them and dashed off. Unfortunately, the people at the Lake City location were feeling incompetent Saturday night and even though the burrito was labeled Fish with a sharpie, it ended up being beef. I noticed this as soon as I spit out the bite I took and rinsed out my mouth the best that I could. As it was, I only had a Saturday night of restless sleep, intestinal cramps, and squirting stuff out the wrong orifice. Much better than the five days of pain and agony that it could've been at least. The manager of the Taco Del Mar promised me a free burrito. I went there Sunday to get one and all they would do was replace the one I had bought rather than replace it and give me a free one. Pissed me off but I didn't take it out on the obviously-not-in-charge kids working there; well at lest not very much. Pissed off letter to corporate office to follow.

At least the time on the toilet and the time on the couch between going to the toilet let me finish Diplomatic Immunity. No great quotes to pull out of here but it was still really well done nonetheless. Based on the pattern so far, I'm guessing the next book is going to revolve about Barrayar since they seem to alternate. I finished the book just as catling came upstairs to get ready for her work. I figured then that I seemed to've been done with my intestinal adventures since it had been an hour and a half. I was unfortunately wrong.
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