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Weekends: Sunday

So, I didn't do much on Sunday since I spent much of it recovering from being up all night due to the beef burrito from the Lake City Taco Del Mar. Grrr. The three of us here did end up eating some very delicious Turkey Divan that cindygerb made.

I did want to very briefly address something else. I hadn't posted all weekend due to I think two parts (outside of things already mentioned). One was due to some processing on stuff between Cindy and I. The ideas there are too young to be let out on the 'Net on their own, so I'm going to let them mature a bit more. The other bit is the drama that has been going on, on my friends list. As much as possible, I try to avoid lj-drama. It tends to suck the life and happiness out of people and I don't like going there. I -know- that just about anything I post to the 'Net could be broadcast to thousands of people or even just that one inappropriate person. I post many intimate, internal things anyway and hope that my friends will fulfill my best expectations and not my worst. I'd say my expectations are pretty similar to Lee's here. I know that I'm overly optimistic but I still like my dream world where a modified version of Ailsa's quote is manifest. In my dream world, everyone would get along with everyone else without needed to compromise themselves. I know it's idealistic but it's a nice thing to desire. I've just got to not get disturbed when it not being real impinges so directly on my friends.
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