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Finally getting to this after LJ being locked up (Monday, Tuesday)

(This part written from the perspective of Monday)
My intestinal adventures due to Taco Del Mar seem to be over except for the tiredness. I didn't get in until about 9.30 yet I left at 4p. cindygerb and I went home and I slept for pretty much the rest of the day and night. Little got done but I seem to be doing much better now. Sleep is good but I wish I didn't need so much of it.

(This is written from the perspective of Tuesday and is dated for then too.)
Still a bit tired and working on getting caught up on myself. I'm a little bothered that I have no real idea what I've done over the last few weeks. I seem to've been gliding along and not doing overly much. I've done a bit of LJ maintenance and spending time with the puppy which I've not done for a while. She thinks it's been forever but it's really only been 3 or 4 days. Cindy and I made it to Third Place books and this was a goodness. We saw many people that we hadn't seen for a while, some of which hadn't shown up there before. Damn, this is overly rambly but I don't have the time to go back and make it cohesive. Such is life sometimes.

One bit of note, the song in the Music field seems very much a D&S song but the writer probably didn't mean it that way.

Finally, nifty things that've shown up lately:
  • The Phrase Finder. It's mostly amusing to browse for phrases since it doesn't have the power of The Phrase Thesaurus which you have to pay for. I'd never known that Shinola is a brand of shoe polish.
  • I doubt I'd play it, but Little Fears: the role-playing game of childhood terror looks rather cool.
  • Your weasel is the Domestic Ferret!Not that I would manipulate the results to get what I would want, the weasel I seem to be is a Domestic Ferret.

    Your weasel is the Domestic Ferret. You're cute, you're playful, you're mischievious, you love being at home with people. An ambassador of weaselness.
    Good news: You're the weasel everyone wants. Your good house manners, brought about by thousands of years of genetic selection, make you housepet and weasel about town.
    Bad news: People STILL think you're a wild animal. You're not! You'd get out-competed in the wild before the sun went down.
    Which weasel are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla
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