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Happy Birthday to the USA

Happy Birthday to the USA. Really, I think your birthday should be on the signing of the US Constitution but that's not as dramatic. I still think that you've got good ideals but that you've lost them somewhere along the way. You're like the person who was a real freak in high school and college but then ended up selling himself out and is now working on Wall Street with a $500/day coke habit. I think that you really can come back but it's going to take a lot of work.

I think my friend, anansi133 really said it well:
...but while my heart surges with anger and hope, I'm looking ahead to a future with less nationalism, not more. I'm thinking of civil struggle that's non-lethal to the point of being nonviolent, upheaval that falls short of war. It may well be a pie dream, but as long as it's still legal in this country to dream, that's what I'll dream about.
So, I guarded Celebratory and dream for the best.
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