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Posting after not doing so for a while

Well, I haven't posted for a while. Not since before I had the sinus headache. I'm not completely sure why but I think that much of it had to do with at first not wanting to look at a computer monitor. I didn't work my shift at the Grind (at the Spot) because I thought that after recovering from a sinus headache, going to a place with really loud music and flashy lights not be a good thing. I pretty much hid that night and slept a bunch that night. Then on July 4th, I spent much more time fixing food and cleaning up than on the computer. Finally, on Saturday, I got some things done but spent too much time on the toilet, working my Ambassador shift at the Spot and finally coming home and feeling well enough to make love and have sex with cindygerb. (That's really the worst part about not feeling good.)

So, in the evening, I was thinking of catching up on posting and doing many comments but our puppy, Sally, was still freaking out about the fireworks, so instead I went to sleep in the living room sofa bed where she can be if she's supervised and made sure she felt protected there. After a bit though, I got too hot and needed to pee. I was debating about getting up when Sally got up and went under the dining room table. That decided me. I peed and came in to look at things. I read my 'mustread' filter quickly but wanted to write more. So, I caught up on my birthday announcements and posted this. (You can tell an entry is likely a catch-up one when the time is 23:23). In skipping back on my friends list, I had to do skip=667 to get back to where I had last read and that was just on my 'people' filter. (Yes, I don't use 25 to skip back with, 23 is more fun.)

This entry is not really apologizing to anyone other than me for not journaling since it's really me that I'm keeping the journal for. I want to be able to look back and see what I did and what I saw on a particular day. I'm getting better at that but I'm not there yet.

Finally, I don't normally do greetings of folks to my journal but I specifically wanted to welcome ednoled to my journal. He's a really nifty fellow that I don't interact with enough and I look forward to reading about his life since we don't talk all that often. Thanks for finding my journal...
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