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Interesting conjoin

So, Cindy and I had planned on going to Third Place Books tonight but the short nap ended up taking longer than planned...

So, this evening, we ended up watching the Minority Report. It was fun to watch, I might have more comments on it later. But one thing that struck us through the film was that this had to've been based on a Philip K. Dick story. It just fit too well. And it was!

So, after we saw that, we turned it off and on TV was an interview with Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. Delightful interview. At one point, the two of them are talking about the experiences they've had interacting with Andy Warhol.

So, this led to the thought. What would happen to the people in the theater after they watched a movie produced by Andy Warhol based on a Philip K. Dick story? Would they all just kill themselves in a fit of depression or would they just need to be on drugs for the rest of their lives to keep them from just whimpering in the corner?
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