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Supremely moving article

I happened to see a quote in geekdiva's journal, l'engle on anger. This linked to the interview where she made this statement. It was potent and powerful. It is an article about how she sees the incarnation being incomprehensible love.
I pulled a few quotes from this article as well as printing it out. The first quote has now landed on my bio on my profile page:
How can one understand the incarnation except in terms of complete love? I don't believe God looks like Moses with a bad temper. If I want to see God, I'll go out on a clear night and look at the stars; at the God who says: "I love you this much."
The other one is the quote from geekdiva's journal:
Anger is usually the result of fear. When I'm angry, I'm afraid of what's happening. I'm angry at God for letting this fearful thing become a possibility.

But then I was going further on in the document and found the following passage:
Sometimes these affirmations are very simple. Across the street lived an enormous fifteen-year-old golden retriever. My children had two puppies--little, dark-haired demons. One of the demons decided that his proper bed was the golden retriever. At night, he would climb up on the golden retriever and go to sleep.
One day, the golden retriever just died into the sun, as graciously as he had lived. And the little black dog cried. For me, that's an affirmation of God--the beauty of that little black puppy sleeping on the great golden retriever, the love in that relationship.

I cried for about five minutes after I read this. I did it silently since I was at work. But it was a full five minutes on the clock in gkrellm.
I need to say more but I need to stop this here for now.
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