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Was Tension the only thing keeping me up?

So, our other two kitties are okay.
We took Kitaya and Droolpuss into the vet on Wednesday to make sure they were okay.
Droolpuss was dehydrated and they were worried that he might be diabetic.
There were two lumps on Kitaya that needed to be removed. Since there were two of them, they were worried about a malignant cancer.

I found out yesterday that they are both okay.
We don't know why Droolpuss is dehydrated but his blood-glucose is fine and his kidney function is fine. His red blood cell count is high but that is likely due to stress. He's been very affectionate since Kitaya came home from the vet.
Kitaya two lumps ended up being cysts with fluid in them instead of tumors. She's healthier than you would expect a 16 year old cat to be.
Unfortunately, it seems that waiting for this news was the only thing keeping me up and together. Soon after I heard it, I became very, very sleepy.
*poomph* (sound of Torin hitting the floor, denting it)
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