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Fun with Cars and other doings

So, when we tried to drive the Vulva today, the right rear tire seemed to wobble as we accelerated or we braked at low speeds; it seemed to drive fine at speeds above 25–30 mph. This was odd since everyone that I talked to that knew more about cars (most people), said that most problems should get worse. Well, it ends up that the U-joints on the drive shaft are completely shot and need to be replaced. I'm glad that we have a garage we can trust since while I know what a U-joint is and I can guess how they would relate to the drive shaft, I wouldn't have a clue as to how to replace such a thing. We were very worried about it but it seems like it is supposed to hold together until Tuesday when it will be fixed.

On another note, my company let out at 1p today for the company picnic so cindygerb and I got to spend the afternoon and evening together. This was very nice and it even got cool enough that we could celebrate life together. Yeah!
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