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On prayer, from auryn29a's journal

The following is a comment I made to auryn29a about prayer and Higher Powers that I wanted to share with others.

For me, as an animist, all that is out there is me, including you. :) My viewpoints here are likely to've been strongly influenced by two statements, both of which you've probably heard before:
  1. In the animal kingdom, the rule is: eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom: define or be defined. — Thomas Szasz
  2. Do what Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
But as you might guess, I have a bit of a spin on these.

For the first, I see the future as a collection of possibilities and some of these possibilities are open to influence either through direct action or through application of Will. I figure that in a choice between someone getting what they want and me getting what I want, I know which I'll choose. The caveat here is that I generally want win-win situations so that when someone wins, they don't try to go back and change things, so it stays at a place where everybody is getting what they want even if it's not quite in the manner they expected. I'm very good at contorting things to twist them into a shape where a win-win scenario is possible even if it's a completely different solution that no one had thought of before.

As for the second, if you use common interpretations of these words, you're going to be unhappy and you're going to make other people unhappy. For myself, Thou means all of Me rather than just the Me that I happen to be aware of right now and Wilt means to execute the Will of the Me I just mentioned. I envision this somewhat like a river in that it's possible to swim upriver, it's possible to swim from side to side. It's even possible to get out of the water but the easiest path is to flow with the river. It's a very Taoist viewpoint even if I have no Taoist training.

Putting these two together means that I generally flow with where the river is going but I have not only the capacity to change where I am in the river but much of the time I can make adjustments to where the river bed itself exists.

So, how does this all relate to Higher Powers? Well, I am my own Higher Power and I can influence my own future.

As for worship? Eris would laugh at me and give me a lesson so I didn't make that mistake again. Not interested in more of her lessons right now even though they're very instructional when I do get them.
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