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Being behind, cats, and the rest of today

Oh boy can it ever be fun to have cats sometimes. I grabbed my shorts this morning to put them on and found that one of the cats had peed on them. Calloo. Callay. Oh frumptious Joy! Thankfully I had another pair of shorts and some Febreze. *Annoyance*

I'm also so far behind on LJ that I don't think I'll ever catch up. I've been commenting a little throughout the week but I wanted to get back to where I last left off. Considering that is now a week away and I keep not catching up because I can't seem to get that far back, I'm just going to give up. Feel free to comment here and point me to things that are delightful that I missed. This especially means "do you want to be on a filter" posts.. I've already been delighted by this, this, and this. I'm going to have to get some of the latter.

So, I'm no longer going to try to catch up to last Saturday night, the 19th at 2347 or so. I'm just going to try to go forward and try to keep up.
In other news, I'm going to be opening up the 'Spot today for a photography class. I'm looking forward to it and I get in for free since I'm going to be the door person and help with set-up/breakdown. Considering it was $35, I'm happy. Saving money is good.
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