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Workshop on Saturday

So, I opened up the 'Spot and took money for the workshop on Nude B/W Photography. The workshop itself was interesting as he talked about how color is a garnish and can take attention away from the details of a photo. He also talked about the difference between a nude simply having no clothes vs. a nude being erotic. At the end of the lecture portion, he showed us various examples of taking pictures of parts of the body for artistic value and some of the manipulations on it. We then moved into the practicum portion where we took picture of models. I didn't focus much on taking B/W pictures since I'm still learning to take photos rather than snapshots. I also came up against more of the limitations of my camera, the Nikon 775. On one hand, it's small and I can carry it everywhere. It nice to have when a picture opportunity suddenly introduces itself. But it's very slow and the settings can't be changed except to choose one of the 8 different "scene" modes. It's frustrating to read about things like depth of field and such while not being able to do anything about it.

So, I went to Steve's Digicams to see what they had. The Nikon D2H seems pretty nice. It can take pictures at up to 8 fps for up to 40 pictures and a 37ms shutter lag time. No problesm with speed, there. It's also an SLR so you can attach many and interesting lenses to it. It even has 802.11b connectivity so you don't have to deal with silly things like cables. Of course, the big problem with this camera is the price. It actually hasn't been released yet so there aren't real prices but it's looking like it will be $2750–3000. As you might guess, that would be a bit much for a camera.

A camera that is still rather nice but less ridiculously out of my price range is the Nikon 5400. It can be made to be fully manual, fully automatic, and steps in between. It even has a shutter lag of 1/10 to 2/10 of a second if you turn off the LCD preview. I could deal with those speeds. I like the camera and I'm hoping that it will drop in price more. When I was shopping around for my Nikon 775, this camera's predecessor was about $1200. If this one drops in price like that, I might actually be able to afford it.
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