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Unwanted adventures...

Well, that was fascinating. I'm writing this from work after being stuck in the elevator for 2 hours. At least I'm out now.

See, I take the bus on Thursday and Friday and so I leave my containers here. On Saturday, after I've dropped Cindy off at her work, I come over to work and grab the containers and go home or wherever. Well, today, that trip had an unexpected detour. I got in the elevator, accidentally pressing 3, went oops, and pressed 4. The elevator stopped at 3, the doors closed, it seemed to move upwards some and then the panel went dark. None of the buttons worked. I went, "Oh, shit" and pressed the call button. I told the person answering that I was stuck in the elevator between the third and fourth floors. They couldn't give me a time estimate. It was now that I was intensely grateful for my habit of taking a book with me everywhere, even just in to grab my lunch containers. This was 0810.

At around 0910, the elevator said 'B' and moved downwards, evidently reaching it and the up arrow illuminated but the doors didn't open. Finally at about 1015, the door is being pushed open by hands, I climbed up the half-meter to the first floor and was greeting by two fellows. One was evidently building maintenance who was sent by me calling on the elevator phone and had been here since about 0850. The other was an elevator maintenance person that as near as I can figure it was called by something in the elevator when it went down to the basement. He'd been here since about 0945. Evidently they'd been trying to talk to me on the wall panel callbox but that didn't work. It seems the entire panel was dead.

I took the stairs up to the fourth floor for my lunch containers. I called cindygerb to let her know I was out and okay. Then I wrote this post.

I don't think this is Eris telling me that I need more exercise but it's hard to tell; I'll know soon though because I'll get more signs about it.
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