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Happinesses, Socialization and some light frustration

So, the weather definitely seems to be doing much better. We even got clouds today and just the hint of rain. This makes me happy and I've been feeling better lately and I'm likely up to social things again.

I worry some about people that I've not had much contact with for a bit since I've been estivating. Hopefully they don't think that I've been ignoring and/or rejecting them. I've mostly been not being social. It happens during most summers for a period of time. I'm going to try to post people's birthdays again and hopefully keep to it this time. I frustrate myself at times.

Another frustration is Costco. I went to buy candy for work. (See here for why.) Last time I went to Costco, they didn't have the normal bags of miniature snickers and miniature reese's cups, they only had this mixture bag that include mini twix and mini midnight milky ways. This time they didn't even have that. For miniature chocolate with its own wrapper, all they had were hershey's miniatures and hershey's kisses. Not much variety there. I asked at the front desk and they said those had been deleted and they had no information on them. How bloody annoying. But then, at least they were better than Cash & Carry who had -no- miniature wrapped chocolates.

Two amusing bits that I saw today:
  1. An SUV that had a license plate frame of "I wanted it, I whined, I got it". Immediately above this was a Marine Corps logo. Interesting Marines they're turning out these days.
  2. Ah. There it is. Amusing subject line for a spam:
    why wait? %random_number%random_char%random_char%random_number%random_number%random_char%r
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