Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Last night we had a real thunderstorm. I was delighted. It's the one natural thing that I miss in Seattle is the lack of Thunderstorms. They're rare enough that it's hard to discern a pattern but I think they usually only show up in the Spring and there is usually only one or two a year. And we had one last night.
I love the basso rumble after the initial crack. With the really good ones, I can feel it in my chest. I love just laying out in the rain, having it pour down on me with my eyes closed as the crack and the rumble resound throughout me. It was too bad that I couldn't do this last night but the rain was very light and it wouldn't've been the same.
gleeful grin. Bounce! Bounce!

Then today, some co-workers brought me back a black-sesame milk tea with pearls. It's nice to be thought of. It's even nicer when they get it right. *gryn*
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