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On me having a voice and compliments towards it

I asked vamp_ire what she meant when she said that she thinks of a voice when she reads me.

Her response greatly amused me, especially the last bit that I italicized.
Before I met you, I didn't get the "Wolfieboy" concept. You didn't seem particularly wolfy to me in your writing (since most of the wolves I know are rabid..haha). After I met you, I got it BIG. I think your voice was a large part of that. It had this gentle, kind, and friendly wolfy if I'd just met the big bad wolf and he was a really wonderful guy who had been terribly misjudged! haha. I could hear you saying, "No, really Miss Riding Hood...I'm not interested in eating you. What I was looking for is a hug. Obviously, that seems like it would cross your boundaries though and I wouldn't want to do that..."
It also pleasantly strikes me that she talks about how I use language in a more precise way than she does.
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