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Vendor Fair and such...

Went to the vendor fair at the Wetspot. The amusing thing was that I mostly went to see people. I got to chat some with sar_anon and k_crow. I hadn't seen them for a while, so this was a goodness. Chatted some with galeogirl and Kennric as well. They're day seemed to be going decently which was good.
I picked up two knives. Unfortunately, I can't really show you pictures yet because I can't seem to take good pictures of something that reflects a flash too much. I'm going to have to research this some. Possibly bright indirect lighting with the flash off.
After the vendor fair shutdown, cindygerb and I went with galeogirl, Kennric, Glenn, and Miranda to Chutney's where Miranda proceeded to enthrall everyone in the restaurant. We got to chat more there and then unfortunately, they all had to head back to Portland tonight.

Hmm. Indirect lighting. *ponder*
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