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Thoughts about posting and such

There seem to be four levels of interaction with LJ (in my world):

  1. None — reading a book or out interacting with the fleshworld.
  2. Just reading what people post; this may or may not involved clicking through to lj-cuts and/or comments.
  3. Replying to folks. This has some degree of differentiation as well. Polls are the easiest to answer; little thought on my part is involved. Next comes the encouraging or flirty posts. These are easy and don't require much commitment. Then there are the deep replies either to help or due to the post being deep too. These are the most enjoyable to make but they definitely require more investment of self.
  4. Finally, there is posting. I seem to have some trouble with this for a variety of reasons. One is the foolish idea that I can't write. I've disproved this quite a few times. I'm definitely not Zelazny or Brust but I can write decently. Another is that I need to concretize my thoughts to put them here. I don't seem to want to put incomplete thoughts here. It's good to formalize my thoughts but so much never gets written that I wonder if there's a way I can get past this stricture. another is I don't want my journal to just fluff away. I obviously post much stuff that has little weight but I try to post something a bit more about myself a bit more thoughtful a bit more solid when I can.
So, this does formalize some of my thoughts about why I haven't been posting. I'll have to think about this more...
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