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Meeting friends of friends

So I'm a little behind...(dated for Wednesday since that's when I should've written this)

On Tuesday, cindygerb and I went to an lj-less friends house because they wanted us to meet and socialize with a new friend of theirs. He'd just come up from Arizona with his partner and wanted to play some games. We brought and ate potlucky type things; the grilled salmon steaks were delicious as was the home-made bread.
One of the nicest parts was when we were sitting around playing Cricket, Cricket, Pants on Fire and having tea, just about everyone took their clothes off. I was in the other room putting cream cheese on some of the home-made bread and I heard clothes coming off. I'm not sure how it started but I suspect that it had something to do with passing the Sugar in the Raw for tea and it was deliberately mis-interpreted. Took me a long time to take my clothes off, I tell you.

I like clothing optional parties. It's not about the eye-candy either. People socialize differently when they're nude. Clothing is like armor and when it's possible to remove that armor, we all benefit.
(Okay, well the eye-candy is part of it but not a major part.)
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