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Intro to Massage and the Weekend

So, I've always been pretty good at giving massage1. I started out working on my parents backs. I've since gone on to read some and chat with people but still most of what I do with massage is still intuitive and what seems to feel right. About the only things that I've learned are 1) massage limbs towards the heart and 2) massage the abdomen clockwise.

Well, that's going to change tomorrow. While I'd love to become a lmp, that's not going to happen for the forseeable future. But I can take a weekend course. Brenneke School of Massage has a course covering the weekend titled Massage Therapy for the Novice. I'm looking forward to getting a bit more hands-on learning and understand how to do massage even better than I do now.

The annoying part is that one of the requirements for this course is that I have to have trimmed fingernails. Well, normally, I have somewhat long fingernails for a guy. They have multiple uses including prying things up, picking up small things, and as a skin-sensation toy. I trimmed them last night and I'm find out today how I'm used to using them. There are all sorts of things that I use them for that I just didn't appreciate as much as I do now...

Well, they'll grow back. And the course tomorrow will be very cool...

1While massage and sex are linked in many people's minds, they are often at cross purposes. Sex is designed to stimulate and arouse. Massage is designed to relax and loosen. It's difficult to combine those. So, for me, to try to combine them doesn't work that well. There is erotic massage but that's a different kettle of gefilte.
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