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Introduction to Massage Day 1

So, the first day of Introduction to Massage was interesting. I learned a number of things that I knew before but it was worth it just for the improvement in my petrissage (kneading) technique. Something else that I learned that I've never needed before was how to drape the client so that only the area to be massaged was exposed. Gee, wonder why I didn't learn that before. I quipped at one point that I might not have much body modesty but others had it for me. Went to lunch with some people that I'd previously met before at the Grind, so that was rather amusing. Had rather good Chicken Pho in Capitol Hill. More notes on massage will follow.

Afterwards, cindygerb and I went to Costco for, of all things, Pizza. I had a slice of cheese 'za while Cindy bought pepperoni 'za and ate the toppings off of it. While there, we checked out the massage table for sale. I wonder if we're the only city in the US where they sell massage tables at Costco. *smirk* Probably at most one of the few. It was a really nice one and cheap for what it was but at $229, it was much more than we could afford, especially since I can't be more than a dilettante at this.
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