Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Tori Amos Ferret died sometime last night

I have to regretfully say that Tori Amos Ferret died sometime last night. She had a good life. We got her as an emaciated scared ferret that didn't know how to play and brought her home. While we had her, she learned how to play, how to war dance, and how to chuckle. During the last six months she's even gone so far as to sleep with the two boys. She'll be missed.

Here are some pictures that we have of Tori:
Tori dragging hat (10k)
Tori on Cindy's shoulder (37k)
Tori watching Elton (32k)

We have to go bury Tori under the ferret gravenstein apple tree. Then we'll be have a change of attitude as we go to see some friends get married.
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