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The weekend

Well, the "weekend" that cindygerb and I usually don't get is going well. After Tori's funeral last night, we watched dj_stitch and metkat get married. Very nice ceremony and I got some pictures of it including the kiss. Today was enjoyable. It started out with us exploring each other's bodies culminating in a nice boffing session. We possibly wanted to stop sooner since I got a little abraded. For some reason over the past 3–4 years, my circumcision scar has been a bit more tender than the rest of the surrounding tissue. After we cleaned up, we went off to Todai in Redmond. Todai is nice but I think I've been too spoiled by the good sushi places. The ginger tasted only of the pickling, the maguro didn't have much flavour, and the tako was so chewy to be barely edible. I -have- been spoiled. We went from there and picked up Cranium at an independent game store and went to Value Village. No shirts but I did find a cheap odd plushy. I plan on posting pictures of all of them soon. Now, we're off to dinner with maida_mac, niac, amai_unmei, and lj-less Rob.

It's been a good "weekend" with Cindy. She's fun to spend lots of time with. It's sad that we don't get many weekends...
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