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Different viewpoint on MTV Awards "kissing"

My friend, elfric weighed in with a somewhat different viewpoint in regards to the excitement over the "kissing" action on the VMA awards that some people on my friends list have been talking about:
Maybe I'm just too jaded these days, but watching women who I don't know play with each other just doesn't do much for me. When I know them and can feel some sort of compersion, it's a tremendous turn-on. Oh well. It seemed to do the trick with the rest of the party-goers, and its not like it was BAD or anything.
Even though I haven't had a recent event that would confirm this, I'm of much the same thought. I know enough people in the sex-positive community and I know enough people that are exhibitionists that I get to see most mixtures of people have sex in public with some regularity. Having women I don't know exchange a publicity-seeking kiss with hands held back just wouldn't do it for me if I saw it...
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