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This week

Oh dear, does heat drain me. Between it being busy at work and it being too hot in the computer room, I've not posted or commented much this week. It'd be nice to say that I've got some good philosophical posts written in my head. Well, I do. Unfortunately, it's too dark in there to read.
So, I'm just going to give a recap of the week:

Monday: we had friends over to pick blackberries and apples from our yard. Much good food was made and eaten. We played Imaginiff and Illuminati. The best quote from this day was:
Bananas are a good lubricant.
Tuesday: Cindy and I went to Jake's Birthday Party at Carkeek Park. Jake is maida_mac's son. He seemed to like our gift. He's a cool kid. We ended the evening sitting by a fire looking out over the Sound chatting with lots of interesting people.

Wednesday: This was a fun day. I got two teeth filled and a chipped, cracked tooth repaired. The topical anesthetic they gave me was really good; I barely felt the needle go in at all. While in the chair, I kept having a fight or flight reflex. I was told that it was probably the topical. It causes some people's systems to release a lot of adrenaline. Not the most comfortable of dental visits. Is there anything worse than the sound of a dentist's drill?

Note that all of these days have been sweltering hot. Not just hot but humid. In Seattle, when it gets humid, it is supposed to rain...

Thursday: Argued with some false efficiencies at work. Part of the problem was mine because I had swapped two variable names. Worked as the cashier at the Grind; even with the fan going, I was really warm. Got to meet elphie for the first time. Interesting person. Cool tie-dye. The second cashier decided that she wanted to be cashier and so let me off a half-hour early. This was really nice although it didn't do me much good. It was still much too hot to do any dancing. I spent a lot of time out on the smoking deck with good conversations. Thankfully the fans did a good job of blowing the smoke away. cindygerb and I left early due to the heat.

Friday: We went to runnerwolf's despacho. As it has before, it was a good ritual. This isn't my tradition but I'm eclectic enough to have it fulfill some of my ritual needs. Everyone seemed rather tired and there was less crosstalk than usual. Need to ask lisakit if that was just roasted garlic or if something was added to it. Need to bring milky-way miniatures, squirrel stickers, and a honey-dipper to the next despacho. Cindy and I got to see some people we hadn't seen for a while and that was good.

Saturday: Interesting day since I got to be a witness to a hit and run accident involving a bicyclist and a car. Got the idiot's license plate number. <*evil chuckle*> The cop decided to bitch me out for not wearing shoes. It seems like there were more important events going on but maybe that was just me. Filled in some holes in the backyard where Sally was digging holes. Did some general cleanup for the upcoming party.

Sunday: Finally, it's cooling off. We even had a light rain while taking Cindy into work. Did much more cleanup and found I was missing a compression fitting for the new hot-water spigot. Gurffle. After I picked Cindy up from work, we went comforter shopping. We found a nifty star and moon flannel one as well as a trash can for the front room. From there we had a rather poor experience at the Old Spaghetti Factory. But that's a different post.

Yes, this is a bit disjointed. I'm hoping to post a bit more frequently and not so choppily in the near future. I suspect that I've probably only been able to gloss over anyone's entries in the last week. So, if there have been important entries, please tell me. If I try to catch up, I suspect I'll only get more behind.
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