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Shoulder, Bumper stickers, Movies, and Nationstates

So, my shoulder has been hurting me much of the weekend. It occasionally spreads to the rest of my arm and frequently makes my neck hurt. I'm forced to the conclusion that I'm going to have to have someone look at this.

I saw another bumper sticker that I liked on Saturday: Like Father, Like Son: One Term Only!

cindygerb and I (as well as 17 others in our group) went to see Bubba Ho-Tep on Saturday. Thanks to jw1776 for arranging it. As to the movie, it was quite well done. It didn't look like a low budget film at all. None of the effects looked chintzy. The segment before the film with Bruce Campbell exhorting folks to request the film was amusing. He was originally supposed to be there in person to do that but the clip suggests that he's not there due to filming on Evil Dead 4.
While it was Bruce Campbell, he didn't camp it up past what you would expect in a film with Elvis and JFK in a convalescence home in Texas. Everything is well-played and the story is nicely self-consistent. If you've got a chance, I'd highly recommend seeing it.

On Sunday, I decided to check out NationStates again. I'd heard that it had been upgraded and that there were many more issues to resolve now. I'm logging my results of this in doninha.
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