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Ultimate LJ Obsession Quiz

Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test Score
Category Your Score Average LJer
Community Attachment 73%
You're the Kevin Bacon of LiveJournal, with friends galore to support you. Fear wolfieboy's army of fans!
MemeSheepage 56%
I am but one quiz among millions. My brethren surround me on the page.
Original Content 74%
Newsweek, People, and wolfieboy's journal
Psychodrama Quotient 26%
Known to go off without warning
Attention Whoring 31%
This quiz is part of a grand scheme to keep people reading
Your LiveJournal Obsession Number is:
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and see how you match up!

It seems to me that some of the numbers seem a bit inflated. I can understand the high number on the Community since that is the main reason I end up using LJ. But I don't do that much news and I don't do that many quizzes. Oh well. It's at least amusing…
Oh, go to theferrett's page of results for me to get recent average LJer stats.

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