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So, the Vulva (Cindy's Volvo) was in the shop today. It was losing drive power when it went into Turbo mode. Considering that's used for uncommon things like hills in Seattle, that was a bit of a problem. Part of the problem was the catalytic converter, the mechanic said that it was probably the original 220K cc. They replaced that for $405. I've been told that's a good price for the parts and labor. Unfortunately, while that fixed much of it, it's not completely fixed. So, they're going to do more work on it Thursday. Wish us luck. (this is an expression not an admonition; do as thou wilt.)

happilymyself, this of course meant that we couldn't make it to the games night. It would've been fun but rather difficult without a car.
Glacck! The oddest noise just happened. It sounded like the tear strip some plastic packaging. Only this packaging would've been about my height. All the animals are accounted for and sleeping and Cindy is sleeping as well. How odd.
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