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Short little bits

Just a few short little things that don't really each deserve an entry:
  1. I saw a license plate that was actually offensive today - PRAYN4U. Why do these people seem to think it is right and good that they and their god should decide what would be good for me. I never gave them consent to do any invocations on my behalf.
  2. I actually saw some people do what looked like a "Chinese Fire Drill". I've heard about it but I've never seen it happen.
    You know what I'm talking about - where everyone piles out of the car; whoops at the top of their lungs; and gets back in the car again with everyone in different seats.
    It was rather amusing to see.
  3. I heard a coworker slam the phone down and exclaim - "Dammit, life is a four letter word".
  4. Somehow my work has learned that they really don't want details of my life.
    For example, they don't want to know that I was up most of the night on the toilet.
    Oh well, they lose out on the amusement value.
  5. I went to a friends bachelor party last night.
    Unfortunately, now I've had bjork going through my head all day.
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