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Enjoyment of the Grind

I have to say that I actually enjoyed volunteering as an ambassador at the Grind quite a bit on Thursday. Normally, it's okay because I like helping out. But so often, I go to talk to people and ask them if I can help and frequently people aren't interested because they know they aren't going to "get anywhere" with me. After all, I'm working. This might be a bit too cynical of a view. It could also be that they don't want to be a bother or are just too shy to want to ask questions. It's even possible they are coping just fine and soaking things in by themselves before venturing out to chat with people. Who knows. But it doesn't always make for an enjoyable ambassador shift. Well, on Thursday, this was different. People seemed interested in learning more. An older gentleman asked some very intelligent questions about the scenes going on and the music playing. It was nifty. Getting to watch sar_anon and k_crow dance together was also a great treat. They dance "like nobody is watching" and really get into the music and each other. It does a heart good. I'm glad that I get to call them friends.

After my shift was done, I was walking around some but I spent much of the time before cindygerb and I left, chatting with sar_anon, k_crow, and elphie. It's a pity that the Grind is loud enough that extended exchange of deep topics is not workable. But the light flirting, the appreciation of some of the states of undress, and the general chatting was nice. Having cindygerb come up occasionally join in and/or snuggle with me took it from fun to delightful.
Life was/is good.
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